A La Carte

Don't be intimidated by the loud and extravagant pictures you see of fully covered tabletops, fancy chairs, and rooms of colors. All these fully developed projects are comprised of single items put together to paint a spectacular picture. If you want to add to the overall decor of your event in bits and pieces this is where you need to be. Things here can be added to your event piece by piece until you are satisfied you've conveyed the message you set out to. 

Throne Chairs 

Throne chairs are the most common add-ons to any event, (after our LED lighting of-course). Perfect to help the stage make the honoree of the event feel just that much more special. Whether it be the chair for the mother and father at a baby shower or the seat for the graduate. The loveseat for the Bride and Groom on their wedding day or the chair for the birthday boy or girl, they are an undeniable, and invaluable addition to any event.

Event Planning 

Overwhelmed by what you see? Or maybe you would just rather someone else do the all legwork for you event. Call in and have one of our event planners handle your event from start to finish. Wether you need them just to handle the decorations or the full embodiment of the day.

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